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Viking Lavrinenkov

viking lavrinenkov

Ship Description

Built in 1989 and totally renovated in 2001, the Viking Lavrinenkov is one of three river ships in the Viking fleet travelling the russian river system. The Viking Kirov, Viking Surkov and Viking Pakhomov being the other three. With its all-inclusive cruise program that includes both airfare and shore excursions, a river cruise on the Viking Europe not only provides a comprehensive cultural and historical experience but is also an exceptionally good value.

Discover the rich history of Ukraine as you cruise along the great Dnieper River from Kiev to the Black Sea. You’ll explore the ancient cities and grand monuments of this proud nation, which dates back to the days when the Vikings, locally known as the Rus, arrived and conquered local Slavic tribes. You’ll see how the powerful Kievan state spread its influence north into Russia and reigned supreme until Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde poured out of Asia, conquering all in its path. And you’ll learn how the legendary Cossacks once again established the beautiful and powerful Ukrainian state that is yours to explore on the Viking Lavrinenkov.

Most members of the ship's crew are from central and eastern Europe. English is the official onboard language, and all crew speak fluent English as do tour guides escorting shore excursions, and all public address announcements are made only in English. The cruise manager is the main contact person onboard the ship and is on hand to respond to individual passenger questions and requests throughout the cruise, and also organizes shore excursions and introduces guest speakers.

The 20 deluxe all outside cabins on the Viking Sukov at 204SF are large and spacious while the standard cabins at 90SF are somewhat small with a bathroom that takes some getting used to.

The ship has 2 Restaurants, 2 bars, library, sun deck, promenade deck, souvenir shop, sauna and massage, hairdresser, laundry service, medical center. Voltage is 220V so you will need an electric adapter to plug in a curling iron, electric razor, or camera battery re-charger.

Stateroom features

Ship Features

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Ship Profile

Ship Facts
Inaugurated - 1989
refurbished - 2001
Staterooms - 20 outside deluxe
Staterooms - 91 outside standard
2 suites, 9 single
Passengers - 231
Crew - 110
Length - 129m (423feet)
Width - 16.7m(54.8 feet)
Draft - 1.75m (7.6 feet)
Decks - 5
voltage - 240volts
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