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Egypt is a land of great contrasts. The bustling world city of Cairo, just a few miles away from small towns along the Nile. The ancient wonders of Giza and Luxor and the 20th-century masterwork of the Aswan Dam. See it all-gaze upon the Great Pyramids, the mysterious Sphinx, the mighty temples of Luxor and Karnak and the colossal statues of Rameses and Nefertari. Hear Nubian drums and shop in colorful souks. Enjoy the comfort and style of deluxe hotels and a Nile cruise ship the pharaohs could only dream of. Learned Egyptologists accompany you throughout your 9-day journey, enhancing your experience with background and context.

Royal Lily was built in 2007 to carry 120 guests along the Nile River in spacious suites (452 square feet) and staterooms (236 square feet) and features amenities like a pool, whirlpool and small gym with massage services. Royal Lily is operated by Viking's Swiss travel partner, leading hotel operator Mövenpick.

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Ship Profile

Ship Facts
Inaugurated - 2007
Staterooms - 60 outside, 2 suites
Passengers - 120
Crew - Egyptian
Length - 75m (246 feet)
Width - 14m(46 feet)
Draft -
Decks - 4
voltage - 240volts
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