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Ship Description

This sparkling ship was built in Austria for the exclusive use of the top Soviet elite. The ship's décor is more luxurious and the cabins larger than on any other ship in Russia (except the Tolstoy). The ship was renovated in 2002.

Although built for 130 passengers, we limit the capacity to 94 guests to provide more space, ensure a more intimate experience, and provide one seating dining for all meals. An excellent crew takes great pride in their beautiful ship and maintains it impeccably.

The ship is provisioned with Western-style amenities, and the crew and experienced Cruise Director are trained to cater to the needs of American travelers. You'll appreciate the convenience of English language only, onboard and during shore excursions. The Yesenin is non-smoking, except for the Sun Deck and outside walkways.
On the Sun Deck, you can view the passing scenery regardless of the weather. With plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas, it’s a great place to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Grand River Cruise ship staterooms are comfortable and spacious over 154 square feet. All staterooms are identical in design, except for the windows.

"Grand River Cruising" is Uniworld's brand. The brand distinguishes itself from the "Grand Value Cruise" brand by being designed for those preferring a more inclusive vacation. The majority of the shore excursions are included in this brand.

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Ship Profile

Ship Facts
Inaugurated - 1984
Refurbished - 2002
Staterooms - 47
Suites - 2
Passengers - 94
Amenities - medical center, laundry
Length - 90m (295feet)
Width - 15m (49feet)
Draft - 1.8m (6 feet)
Decks - 3
voltage - 240volts
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