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Europe's waterways can be experienced in a variety of ways from self scippered boats, to canal barges and finally to all kinds of river cruise ships. These may range from older ones which by North American standards may have inadequate facilities to the newest which have spas, gyms and wi-fi access. This site concerns itself to a large degree with companies that offer amenities acceptable to the north american standard. Our criteria are:

In addition most cruises listed on this site include a large number if not all of the shore excursions in the final price. Some also include wine with dinner.

Viking River Cruises

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Viking River Cruises itineraries journey along the rivers of Europe, Russia, and China allowing you to explore fascinating destinations up close and in comfort. All-inclusive vacation packages include roundtrip air, cruises, shore tours with English-speaking guides, deluxe river view cabins and gourmet meals.

Better than an ocean cruise or bus tour, river cruises show you the best of Europe, Russia and China from the large cosmopolitan cities to small quaint villages. And Viking River Cruises brings excellence to travel in China along the Yangtze River. Overseeing all aspects of your Cruisetour, you can truly explore a destination in depth.

So come aboard, unpack just once, and see it all. Spend your time exploring your destination, not getting to it, and enjoy the very best of Europe, Russia and China with Viking River Cruises.

Uniworld River Cruises

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Uniworld is the premier river cruise and tour company for North Americans abroad, providing a convenient, all-inclusive, hassle-free and value-oriented alternative to conventional international travel.

Its diverse and continually expanding product lineup features deluxe river cruises to some of the world's most exciting destinations, including Europe, Russia and China

Uniworld's record of passenger satisfaction and ratio of repeat passengers is among the highest in the industry. Tens of thousands of satisfied travelers choose Uniworld every year. Twenty-eight years of experience, guaranteed departures and a consumer protection plan ensure travelers' peace of mind throughout the entire Uniworld experience.

AMA Waterways (Amadeus)

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Amadeus Waterways is pleased to introduce a number of new ships sailing various itineraries throughout Europe. The ms Amadagio(2006), Amadante(2008), Amacello(2008) and Amalegro(2007) are more or less sisterships and are considered the most deluxe ships cruising the legendary waterways of Europe.

These spectacular ships operate exclusively for the English speaking market and will offer a long list of amenities, which no other river cruise ships in Europe can match. The ships feature fitness centers, beauty salons and gift shops, plus there is a splash pool on board the Symphony to cool off on hot days

The very spacious main lounges are lined with floor-to-ceiling windows and so are the elegant Panorama Restaurants. Itineraries are designed to cruise during mealtimes and to truly enjoy thepassing scenery – offering fascinating views, which few other restaurants can match.
We encourage you to see Europe’s most treasured landmarks from the comfort and tranquility of your floating hotels. Take a river cruise and avoid congested highways and checking in and out of hotels. We guarantee that you will have a vacation of a lifetime!

Avalon Waterways (Globus)

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Avalon Waterways is setting a new standard for river cruising. Let Avalon escort you to another world on an enchanting river cruise to Europe or China. Avalon has the best river cruise ships sailing the world's greatest rivers showing even the experienced traveler the Old World in a new way. And Avalon has partnered with Globus, the world leader in escorted vacations, to offer unique, engaging onshore experiences. If you could choose to go anywhere in the world, where would it be? The great cities of Europe. The Paris or Rome you dream of. The Great Wall of China. Wherever you imagine going, Avalon can take you there in ways you've never imagined. Worry-free. Hassle-free. With all of the details taken care of. The Victoria Anna and Jenne are beautiful ships sailing in China while the Royal Lotus sails the Nile River.


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Not everyone wants their story to unfold in the same way. That is why Globus provides the most spacious and newest ships that are operated by Avalon Waterways. Combined with the river cruise experience and Globus's experience as a leader in escorted coach travel they are able to offer some unique and engaging itineraries. The possibilities are endless. But the choice for thousands of travelers year-in and year-out is clear - Globus, the world leader in escorted travel. Who would have known that rowboat would launch the world's leading guided travel company?

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