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A Lisbon to Porto journey through the Douro Valley of Portugal and Spain

Cruise on the scenic Douro River from Porto on the Atlantic to Salamanca in Spain and then return to Porto. Extend your visit in Lisbon

Here is a truly delightful cruise holiday aboard the new Amadouro or Douro Queen. It offers a gentle, relaxing journey through breathtaking scenery, quaint villages and towns, and the great cities of Porto and Salamanca. Combined with the three-day pre-cruise Lisbon extension, this is certainly the most comprehensive and enjoyable way to see Portugal and Spain.

Your cruise on the Douro River takes you from Porto on a wonderfully scenic path through deep-cleft gorges terraced with thousands of vineyards, past sleepy villages and a tranquil countryside of almond and citrus trees, to the Spanish border. From here, you visit Spain's ancient seat of learning, Salamanca, with its grand buildings in rich copper hues, and Spain's most magnificent square, the Plaza Mayor.

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