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Are you a Group Leader?


Becoming a cruise group leader is a new and exciting phase of the travel industry that has evolved with the growing popularity of vacation cruising. Group leaders contract with us to take groups on board cruise ships and provide them with a myriad of services for the duration of the cruise.

Of course, as a group leader, you'll have a few duties to perform but our cruise specialist is there to help and the benefits far outweigh the effort. Knowledge and training are necessary to perform competently as a good group leader. Although becoming a group leader demands special skills - the good news is that most of those skills can be acquired. Your age and gender are not as important as an upbeat attitude, good health and physical stamina. Your past or present occupation or having a college degree are not the keys to becoming a successful group leader.
The keys to success are that you:

If you think you have the beginnings of a group call us today, and book a group cruise. You won't regret it!


If you have a take-charge personality, then you're a natural born group leader. That is, a "pied piper", who can rally friends and colleagues for the cruise vacation of a lifetime. And, when the group enjoys the best vacation of their lives, you'll also be the hero.


Requirements to be classified as a group vary among cruise lines. They can take many forms such as affinity groups, family groups or incentive groups. A group can consist of as few as 10 passengers (5 cabins) but for most cruise lines it is 15 full paying passengers (eight cabins) traveling together on the same departure and same ship.


Cruising is a win/win situation. It makes sense and (cents) to cruise in groups. First of all, it's a lot of fun. In fact, there's nothing better than living the life fantastic in the company of your friends. Even first-time cruisers can acquaint themselves with shipboard life while feeling at home traveling with people they know. Aside from the comfort level of cruising in numbers, groups also travel at handsomely discounted fares not available to the general public. On a cruise, almost everything your group needs is accounted for and included in the cost of your cruise. Elegant and casual dining, nightly entertainment, comfortable staterooms and outstanding service. What's more, the group can enjoy a variety of exotic islands and explore new places without the hassles of arranging transportation, hotel reservations or constant packing an unpacking. When you cruise, your hotel travels with you from the Caribbean to Europe or around the world. It all boils down to value.

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