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Cruise Vienna to Black Sea .... Lower Danube


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A journey along the lower Danube
from Vienna/Budapest to the Black Sea return

Black Sea (lower Danube)
The Black Sea 11 to 26 -night odyssey takes you to lands rarely traveled by Westerners; areas of Eastern Europe where the Danube's varied and beautiful terrain is as diverse as the countries through which it travels. Experience the allure of Eastern Europe as you savor the natural beauty of the Danube's deep valleys in the exquisite Iron Gate region and the natural wetlands created by the Danube Delta. Explore countries whose geographical boundaries have been affected by recent history, and see how current restoration efforts have preserved the region's time-honored historical, architectural and cultural highlights. Tour the famed region of Transylvania and discover its venerable intrigue immortalized by Bram Stoker's Dracula.

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