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Cruise Vienna/Budapest to Amsterdam (or reverse).... Danube - Rhine/Main Canal - Rhine


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A journey through Western Europe
from Vienna/Budapest to Amsterdam or reverse

In addition to the beautiful Rhine River, this 12 to 16 day adventure through the heart of Europe also cruises along the charming Main and Danube Rivers, visiting historic regions in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. This river cruise exploration sails amidst some of Europe's loveliest countryside, encountering history and tradition in every port. Don't miss the breathtaking views as you navigate through Austria's delightfully scenic Wachau Valley. In Southern Germany, visit some of the most perfectly preserved medieval towns and villages. Enjoy the allure of Vienna, Nuremberg, Mainz, Regensburg and Amsterdam. It's a journey not to be missed.
For those with additional time some of the cruise itineraries continue on to the Black Sea along the lower Danube.

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